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Cultural Heritage Resources

Collections Care Manual:
This illustrated handbook provides guidance on how to care for varied collections items inspired by and featuring the properties and pieces in the Cultural Heritage Collection. The manual has eight chapters: how to document and report damage; the Agents of Deterioration that endanger collections; how to handle, move, and store objects; monitoring the environment; routine cleaning recommendations for different types of heritage items; pest management; caring for cultural heritage during a crisis; and protecting heritage items during events.

Download the Full Collections Care Manual Here!

Individual Chapters:

Download Chapter 1 – Conditions Assessment Here!

Download Chapter 2 – Agents of Deterioration Here!

Download Chapter 3 – Object Handling Here!

Download Chapter 4 – Environmental Monitoring Here!

Download Chapter 5 – Cleaning Collections Here!

Download Chapter 6 – Pest Management Here!

Download Chapter 7 – Collections During Crises Here!

Download Chapter 8 – Collections During Events Here!

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