Office of Cultural Heritage

Black and white photograph, view across green grass to a U-shaped building with classical details and symmetrically placed window and door openings.
Black and white photograph, sculpture of man riding a horse
Black and White photograph, perspective view across landscaped lawn and path to rear elevation of the multi-story house, with a four-column portico projecting slightly from the wall plane at the center
Black and white photograph, detail of classical statue, head of a female figure looking down. Her hair is braided and worn up.
Black and white photgraph, elevation view of two-story building with balustrade at the roofline, awnings over the first-floor windows, and double return stair.
Black and white photograph, tea set with two cups and saucers, a pitcher, and cream and sugar bowls on a tray
Black and white photograph, two and one-half story building made of brick, with a pitched roof and sash windows. The main entrance is in the center and has a palladian window above. The view looks across a ciruclar drive to the building.
Black and white photograph, two ceramic vessels each with a bulbous body with two handles, a narrow bottom or foot, and tall neck. They are cream in color with black geometric decoration.
Black and white photograph, architectural detail of ceiling vault that is painted and gilded, here with a classical scene with cherubs, scrolls, flowers, floral swags, and sea shell

The Office of Cultural Heritage was established in 2015, under the Bureau of Overseas Buildings Operations. The Office of Cultural Heritage implements a stewardship program for the care of the Department of State’s culturally, historically, and architecturally significant properties and collections through research, conservation, educational programs and exhibit design, and maintenance protocols.