Of Voice & Stone

Of Voice & Stone

June 10th — September 15th. 2021
The National Library in Rabat

September 22nd. 2021 — January 7th. 2022

March 7th. 2022 — July 15th. 2022
Washington, DC

Black and white photograph, view across interior space lit by a skylight with open well to light the floors below; the open area is famed by low walls with a wood railing. The doors to spaces opening off this central area have Moorish arches. A chandelier is in the foreground.

Exhibition Overview

There are moments in time when everything changes. Sometimes it’s no more than a signature on a sheet of paper, or a ship captain’s steady hand through trade winds. The world often resists these changes, but in the end they are inevitable. Small ripples have the power to change the world. One of these moments arose when Morocco became the first nation to recognize the United States on December 20, 1777, only a year and a half after the Declaration of Independence was written and six years before the British Crown was ousted from America. Between our nations the second of these moments came 200 years ago. In May 1821 Sultan Moulay Suliman gifted the fledgling United States the Legation Building in Tangier. This early roadmap has led us on a 200-year journey, and along the way we have traded politics, art, and culture of a vast array.


American Legation in Tangier, Morocco
Preview Reception 
Wednesday, June 9th

The National Library in Rabat, Morocco
Opening Ceremony
Thursday, June 10th

Abderrahman Slaoui Foundation Museum in Casablanca, Morocco
Opening Ceremony
Wednesday, September 22nd